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The Vintage Racquet Collection

Our vintage section includes racquets from the legendary BOSWORTH COLLECTION along with other vintage racquets that we have collected over the years.
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Bosworth & Vintage Racquets

TAD (T.A. Davis) Hi-Point (1/4)

This finely crafted masterpiece comes  from T.A. Davis, the iconic racquet brand from California. 

Bosworth Gamma System 35 (5/8)

This extremely rare gem from Bosworth's pro stock packs a thin beam, a 16x18 string pattern and enough mass to redirect heavy pace.

Vintage Slazenger Vilas (Blue Grip) (1/2)
This rare wood racquet was made by Slazenger in honor the great Argentinian champion, Guillermo Vilas.
Bosworth Babolat Pure Storm Team MP 98 (1/2)

Born in 2004, this rare gem was held in Bosworth's stock but never customized or put into service. We only have 1.

Vintage Prince Precision Graphite MP (1/2)

This classic midsize graphite frame from the 90s offers a phenomenal hitting experience. 

TAD (T.A. Davis) Topspin Racquet (3/8)
1 Review

This rare masterpiece from T.A. Davis Co. has a diagonal string pattern and open throat. It was launched in 1980 at the end of the wood era. This sample is new!

Vintage Head Flexpoint Prestige Midplus Racquet (5/8)

This gem from the mid 2000s is in pristine condition. We only have 1

Vintage Slazenger Challenge No. 1 Racquet
Made in England in the late 70s, this popular racquet was one of the final models made in the legendary Challenge series.
Vintage Head Vilas Racquet

This surgical wood/graphite composite offers outstanding feel and impressive stability. These samples are in impressive condition for their age. The grip is worn from years in storage.

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