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ASICS Court FF 3

ASICS Court FF 3

A product of deeply intentional research and craftsmanship, this update to the Court FF is at the top of its game. Key features include a midsole partially made of renewable fibers, a separated outsole for increased stability, and a MONOSOCK for locked-in comfort.

"It's not easy to make a shoe comfortable, stable, and flexible all at the same time. Brilliant work done by the ASICS team because they've managed to acheive balance between those elements. Best dang shoe in the world." - Novak Djokovic

"The product theme of the Court FF is combination of stability and quick turnaround to support athletes' movements. The look is a fushion of many different elements, with the powerful and flexible movements of Novak Djokovic being strong influences." - Tomoichiro Ozaki, ASICS Designer

"I was watching Novak's match at the 2020 Australian Open, and the impact sound I heard was a very big moment for me. I realized that as tennis gets faster and faster, the body is taking a lot of damage when landing with a big outward step. I felt that it was important for the shoes to cushion that impact, so I decided to try to realize this through the structure of the shoes." - Tatsuya Ishikawa, ASICS Researcher

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