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Prince Phantom Pro 100

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Prince Phantom Pro 100

$159.00You Save: $60.00
Prince Phantom Pro 100 Racquet (1/4)
In Stock: 1
Price: $99.00
  • Grip Size: 4 1/4" (#2)
Prince Phantom Pro 100 Racquet (3/8)
In Stock: 6+
Price: $99.00
  • Grip Size: 4 3/8" (#3)
Prince Phantom Pro 100 Racquet (1/2)
In Stock: 6+
Price: $99.00
  • Grip Size: 4 1/2" (#4)

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Designed in collaboration with touring Pros, this is the solid beam version of the Phantom 100. The Phantom Pro 100 is ideal for intermediate and advanced players. Prince builds this model with Textreme, a flexible substance used in the shaft to increase stability without adding extra weight. Although this stick is livelier and crisper than the original O-port version of the Phantom 100, it packs a wonderfully flexible feel, especially compared to the majority of modern player's racquet on the market. Thanks to CTS Technology, this racquet's beam goes from an ultra thin 16.5mm shaft (for feel) to 20.5mm at the head (for a tad more power). From the baseline, the Phantom Pro 100 is fast enough for attacking the ball, but it still manages to feel solid when trading heavy balls. The open 16x18 pattern not only delivers easy access to spin but it also launches the ball at a higher trajectory for easier depth. Big hitters who like hitting high arching shots that drop hard should love this stick. At net the Phantom Pro 100 moves into position quickly to deliver impressive stability. In addition to having enough power to stick block volleys deep, the Phantom Pro 100 has exceptional touch for crafting tight angles and malicious droppers. Players who swing this racquet fast will be rewarded with enough power and placement on serves to cause some very weak replies. Ultimately, Prince has delivered a very solid follow-up to the original Phantom. With its buttery flex and spin-friendly precision, this is a must demo for those who want easy targeting and great feel.


Head Size: 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Length: 27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight:11.4oz / 323g
Balance: 12.79in / 32.49cm / 6 pts HL
Swingweight: 320
Stiffness: 54
Beam Width: 20.5mm / 19.5mm / 16.5mm
Composition: Textreme/Graphite
Power Level: Low-Medium
Stroke Style: Medium-Full
Swing Speed: Medium-Fast
Racquet Colors:Black
Grip Type: Prince ResiPro
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: 8T,8H
One Piece
No Shared Holes
String Tension: 45-55 pounds


Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
12 Customer Reviews
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Excellent Control and ComfortThis is a very comfortable racquet with very good maneuverability, control and spin. Stability is also good; I'm not overly fond of Prince's octagonal grip shape. If you have tennis elbow then seriously consider this racquet! It's not big on power but when you hit the sweet spot - which is often - there is controlled power. It is slightly crisper with more feel than my Phantom 100 with the "O" ports. Recommended for 3.5 and above rated players who generate their own pace and anyone with sore joints.
5 out of 5 Stars
Thin and flexyI was out over a year with tennis elbow (actually played left-handed). Started back with my right hand with a Clash, but eventually found this racket. Now I'm hitting one-handed backhands again with no pain. Great feel for drop volleys (doubles player). Stringing in the low 40-pound range, so still get plenty of pop on returns/groundies. Doesn't feel like a limp noodle on serves/overheads. Awesome old school feel.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Great after adding weightStringing low (45/43) with poly yields a really nice combo of comfort, feel, control and power. Spin is in line with most modern frames thanks to the open pattern and the longer dwell time gives control/confidence when brushing the ball. Stock, feels a bit flimsy against pace, especially at net. Adding 4g at 10/2 gave me a nice jump in plow and stability. This will never be a Pure Drive, but swing through, and you'll get pace and weight of shot. Sweet spot is generous. After weight, this is one of the most playable/rewarding frames I've used in a while. Should be 4 stars at MSRP and in stock form, but 5 stars because this is a completely ridiculous value at clearance price. All it needs is a bit of weight in the hoop.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
I went back to this racquet!I used this racquet for a while, and then based on the reviews of its successor, the 100x 305, I switched. Initially, I found extra power and enjoyed that stiffer racquet at the net and on serve. But I began to develop arm and wrist issues, and no matter how much I played with the strings, I found that at times the power was really volatile and control was erratic. So I went back to this one, and I wonder why I tried so hard to make the other work. This racquet is plush, has plenty of power, and swings fast. I think the low 54 stiffness rating does mean you have to generate more of your power, but overall, I find it's just a very dependable stick.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Great feel and flexible racketThis review is for the racquet in stock form. Great racquet. I switched from Yonex Ezone 98 to this. Mainly to take care of my arm issues. I can't heal it with multi, soft poly or anything soft. I even went down to 42 lbs with 18G soft string. But nothing helped. My techniques are not bad either. Felt very bad that I may have to quit tennis. I tried this racquet and no arm issues anymore. If you are looking for a racket to get rid of arm issues this is one among. Came back to Prince after 20 years. Good spin, low powered and easy swing (290 SW actually helped). Good directional control and touch especially for a 100 sq in. Great slices, both forehand (yeah!!) and backhand. Few complaints: Issue is with serves. It can be better especially coming from an Ezone I could see a big difference. Could be better in stability and maneuverability. I'm going to order another one or the newer Phantom 305X. Thanks to Prince for my ability to continue my tennis.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Plays like butter!Yonex Poly Tour Pro 17g at 51 pounds. There is power if you bring your own, there is spin if you can create it. Lovely plush racquet. The 99 dollar price tag drew me in, but it plays like a 250 dollar frame.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
comfort and maneuverableThis racquet fits my game perfectly. I play doubles exclusively. It is fast, offers great spin and control, and provides more power than one might expect from such a flexible racquet. Perfect for the player with elbow or shoulder issues. Really a great racquet at an unbelievable price.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Beginner with potentialI've played since November 2019 and have progressed slowly due to having no teaching pros nearby, but YouTube and tripod seem to be effective if slow. The Prince Phantom Pro 100 (16x18) enticed me as a used offering two years ago at $129, and it may be a steal at $99. Its published specs matched a Yonex 2017 EZONE 98 that I thought was too heavy for me, but significantly or not, the TW play testers thought the world of it, so I clicked buy. The Phantom felt much lighter, likely because it came in a little lighter and with a lower swingweight than spec. My technique has improved and the Phantom really performs as well as I'd like. My groundstrokes work well and go deep if I have the right angle on my strings and go long if I don't spin enough. Volleys feel good, but I'm not accomplished to access its power at the net. It quickly moves into place at either net or the baseline. My serve has improved- I enjoy serving with this stick-I can hit slices and some kicks-flat balls will sometimes hit the fence off the first bounce with proper technique. I haven't returned against hard hitting servers yet. I did add weight, a gram at each of 3 and 9 o'clock, to produce a little more punch, and forehands hit with good core rotation and the right swing path put good pace and spin on the ball. I've hit with a weighted Babolat Boost S, which feels more like a point and shoot racquet. The Phantom isn't point and shoot for me, but demands proper technique, which has its payoff. I've strung with Isospeed Baseline Control polyester 1.30mm at 49 lb- it plays well until about 15 hours of hitting.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
My Sweet New Go to RacquetI started playing tennis back in the 90s with the Original Graphite, then switched to Donnay then onto the Head Prestige line in 2005 and have since continued using Prestige until I got this Phantom Pro 100 earlier this month. Age has crept up on me and the Prestige is no longer arm friendly. Although the Phantom Pro 100's (16x18) strung weight is 11.4oz, it felt much more balanced and lighter than the somewhat comparable Graphene Prestige Tour (99" head size). My arm lasts longer with this Prince racquet. The cosmetic, all black with bright green lettering, is a perfect mesh of classic yet upgraded trendy tone- very cool! The thin beam is thinner than all my Prestiges, which I absolutely love how it looks and surprised because usually thin beams are a bit heftier than most other racquets. My groundies felt solid, volleys were easy to maneuver with and serves felt great. The 100" head size is much more forgiving than the previous Head racquets of 93", 95" & 98" that I've used for years. I don't see an issue with power either, just drop the tension down into the upper 40s or even 50 pounds and you might be surprised with the boom boom feel when you swing through your forehand or backhand. I did not think I'd ever go back to Prince racquets, yet here I am years later raving about it. I just wish they would make 4 1/8" grip size. To get it to the grip size I prefer, I remove the original grip and replace it with an overgrip. Regardless, thank you to all at Prince and thank you to Tennis Warehouse for carrying them.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Honest review!This racquet does exactly what you would expect it to. If you have good technique, this racquet is perfect for control and precision. Also as a bonus, this racquet has enough power without over hitting. Flat serves and spin serves are easy to achieve, while volleys are solid, with great touch and feel. This has a great classic feel and is easy on the arm no matter if you use a full bed of poly, hybrid setup, or even a multifilament string. Don't let the 16 X 18 pattern fool you, this does not have a high trajectory off the face and serve returns can be nice and low or with heavy topspin that drops hard in the court. The price is awesome as well. For a 4.5 with a serve and volley style like myself, I prefer this Prince Phantom Pro 100 over my Head Graphene 360 Prestige MP- which is hard to beat.
4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Very good control racquet with excellent feelThis is a very well made control-type racquet with excellent feel; however, it's low-powered on the groundstrokes and the serve, which may not make it suitable for some players. It probably works best with a very spin friendly string (the 18X20 pattern itself is not ideal for spin generation) as I found it has produced somewhat of a trampoline effect when strung with Prince Synthetic Gut 16G, making it difficult to keep groundstroke balls in the court. One additional thing to note: after adding an over-grip, the racquet becomes more control oriented and easier to maneuver; it feels wonderful. The over-grip is probably necessary because the grip will start to separate slightly at the bottom of the racquet handle after playing a few times.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Best performance, best price!This racquet will play its best if you add some weighted tape. It's totally played different with more weight. Best performance and best price will surprise you. Also best suit for someone with arm issues like me. It plays like $250 racquet!

Previous Feedback  

Comments: I just bought this racquet after a demo, replacing a Prince Textreme 107. This is the first thin beam racquet I've tried that wasn't too heavy or too low on power. The feel was cushioned, but not totally muted. I felt like I got the best of both worlds. The open string pattern gave plenty of spin too. I string with a polyester string in the low 50 pounds or less. By comparison, the O-port version was less powerful and harder to maneuver. It had a dead feel, I didn't like it.
From:Ryan, 8/21/20

Comments: Much better than its O-port cousin. Despite the thin beam and soft flex, this racquet has a surprising amount of power if you keep the string tension in the lower part of, or just below, the recommended range. I use Prince Warrior Response 16 gauge at 50 or 52 pounds. The 100 square inch head and open string pattern generates easy topspin, slice, and the very manageable swingweight means you can generate some impressive racquet head speed. The downsides are the frame is a bit unstable outside the sweetspot and this will affect older doubles players the most. Also the thin beam and lack of mass really saps your power on serve, but not as badly as the O-port version. If you are a spin server, you will like this frame. If you normally crush T-serves, or use a hard biting slice, you're going to have to add some lead tape to the hoop to add some mass for additional pace on serve. In my opinion, a better doubles racquet than singles racquet based on its serve characteristics and power level. Prince deserves credit for the Phantom line of frames, and for those who suffer elbow issues, or those who grew up in the serve and volley era of the 1960's and 1970's, there likely isn't a better, more comfortable option, out there. Plays better than the O-port version, but lacks the feel of the heavier 100P version. With all these options, you should find one that fits your playing style.
From:Geoff, 8/17/20

Comments: Could be just personal preference, but I think Prince went a little overboard with the flex and super thin beam. I thought it played with a little too much slingshot action and slightly unstable against hard heavy incoming balls. I'd like to see the stiffness bumped from 55 to about 59 and beam width tapered to 18 rather than 16.5 or just kept at 20 throughout with no taper. With that said the frame is still better than the vast majority of racquets on the market as is in my opinion.
From:Chris, 12/6/19

Comments: Excellent racquet. I won't repeat all good comments about comfort, feel and control, I simply fully agree with them. Because there was few not so good comments on power, and especially power on serve, I would like to say few things about that. I am 54 year old club player who plays singles 3 times weekly. I strung this racquet with a poly, Pro's Pro Cyberpower, at 49 and 46 pounds and I have no power issues. I've played 3 matches so far and in every match I also hit a few aces, which isn't my usual habit. You just have to swing freely, string it 2 or 4 pounds lower and you shouldn't have power issues. I also play without dampener, which also help you get a bit more power, and there is no ping sound after contact and I don't feel any vibration. Overall highly recommend this racquet, excellent job Prince!
From:Damir, 10/23/19

Comments: Been playing with the Volkl Super G 10 295 for a few years and still love it, but need something with more power and weight, and this is it. Plays very differently, but I think will take my game in the right direction.
From:AM, 9/11/19

Comments: I really like this racquet. I'm a long time off and on Prince user and continue to play with the POG107. I've also used the old Prince Diablo Mid Plus racquet in the past. I've started out with this racquet strung at 54 pounds with either NXT or Live Wire and there is plenty of power, even on serves for me. I get the same pace on serves as my POG107 and much better ability to hit spots. Love it on groundstrokes as well, spin and location. I will probably increase tension a little going forward.
From:Mike, 8/30/19

Comments: Great racquet. Precise, good feel. But too much vibration and too much power.
From:Gerard, 2/17/19

Comments: The Phantom Pro 100 is a great racquet. I have been reading some of the downsides on other comments, but honestly, it is a great racquet. The racquet is quite light, super low flex, and has a 16x18 pattern. It lives up to its specs. Big sweetspot, tons of spin, and easy to swing. Control of the this racquet is great for a 16x18, especially given the amount of spin you can produce with it. The other side of the racquet should not be a surprise: a bit less control at the net, so you need to work for those volleys, and when hitting off center it becomes very unstable and power vanishes. However, the comments on low powered, I find somewhat exaggerated. I have been a Pure Drive and Pure Aero fan/user for over 15 years. Given the fact that it kills my elbow, I always search for alternatives, which leads me going back to a Pure Drive because of not finding my groove with other sticks. Stringing this racquet 1.5 - 2 kg (sorry, from continental Europe here) less than you are used to, and you will be fine. I have strung my Pure Drive with 25 kg, my Phantom now with 23 and I have no issues whatsoever. As an extra plus, great comfort. No more icing the elbow after playing. I love this thing. Great job friends of Prince, keep producing this.
From:Vic, 1/29/18

Comments: My new stick and I love it. Been about 2 months now and I originally strung it with VS Touch 16 gauge in the mains and Babolat Spiraltek 16 gauge in the crosses, both at 56 lbs. While that hybrid felt good, I sought a bit more controlled power. I decided to try the VS Touch with a "soft" co-poly (yep, I know, soft is relative here) in the crosses; specifically, Volkl Cyclone 17 gauge (this time at 53 for the VS Touch in the mains and 48 for the Cyclone). I love this combo. Still easy on the arm but I have more control. Have played with it 3 times so still early in the life of the strings, but I will post an update after a few more weeks and let y'all know if I notice any downsides. So far, none, it is an awesome combo.
From:Geno, 1/17/19

Comments: This is probably the most fun racquet I have ever hit with. The comfort and feel are amazing. It's also one of my favorite racquets to hit volleys with as well. Unfortunately, the racquet is simply too under powered to enable me to play my best tennis. I also felt that, given this lack of power, the control was not as good as it should be either. Directional control and precision are as good as it gets for a 100 square inch racquet, but I struggled with the depth of my shots and at times would end up hitting the ball long.
From: Dylan, 1/4/19

Comments: Just played with my new Phantom Pro 100 from TW, the second time today with a new string and what a difference it made. The first time I played, it felt too soft with little control, and not fun at all, it had too much power. But then I switched from a multi to stiffer and more spin friendly poly strings and the racquet became alive and so much fun! No arm issues even after having elbow aches a couple of weeks ago (after playing with a much lighter and stiffer racquet). Will never be a power racquet but very comfortable, accurate, crisp, and powerful enough to even put stronger players into trouble with accurate placing. Strung at 47 lbs with a poly and put a dampener just in case, but will try a little higher tension and some lead tape to increase swingweight as the arm improves. Should also improve it at the net. A must try if you want a comfortable, accurate, and stable racquet given the right strings to suit your game and the feel. A great joy to play.
From:Kutay, 12/28/18

Comments: Kudos to Prince for developing and marketing this racquet, despite the trend toward stiffer more powerful racquets. I was using a stiffer and more powerful racquet and was having trouble with a sore arm and control. Demoing the Phantom Pro 100 was an interesting experience as it took an adjustment period of two or three days. The thin beam gives it an appearance of lacking stability, but I've never found it to have that problem, and the maneuverability is excellent. Serves were not consistent the first day of use and depth on groundstrokes were a bit shallow. By the second day serves and groundstrokes were much improved and by the third day serves and control were better with this racquet than any other, and I've tried several. Groundstrokes do require a full swing due to having less power, but with a full swing depth and topspin are easy to produce. Aiming for smaller targets on the court makes sense with the control and spin. My flat, slice, and kick serves are easy to achieve with this racquet. Thanks to the flexibility, no more sore arm and there is a real connection with the ball. This can be considered a player's racquet, and perhaps not considered appropriate for a seventy year old like myself, but it definitely works for me. I purchased this racquet and am using it with Prince Premier Control 16 gauge multifilament at 52 pounds. It's a real pleasure to use on the court.
From:David, 12/19/18

Comments: After a couple months of play & practice under a variety of conditions, I concur with others that the Phantom Pro 100... a) has slightly muted feel, b) has exceptional control, c) is highly maneuverable, d) is easy on the tendons, e) rewards good technique with solid spin & stability. As a competitive older player, with lots of miles on the odometer, I absolutely love that this frame has a set of characteristics to help me battle the heavy balls of the power baseliners (at least for a while). I certainly hope ABG continues to invest in Prince products that focus on meeting specific customer needs, as I believe the Prince Phantom Pro 100 does.
From:Rick, 11/28/18

Comments: Great racquet. A nice, comfortable, and controlled stick that will help you keep the ball inside the lines on big swings. After trying other versions of the Prince Phantom, this Phantom Pro 100 was the best one for me.
From:Clay, 10/17/18

Comments: Played with Aero Pro Drives for years. This racket is a better APD. First off, it is not a power racket like a Pure Drive. I can whip winners with any stick, I don't need added power from the frame. Instead this stick is soft and accurate. It keeps my tennis elbow from coming back. It has a huge sweet spot provided you still lower than you have strung on prior rackets: Using poly I dropped to 47 lbs from my usual 55. It does not work well in the high 50s. Second, this racket has an unlike-any-other narrow frame. It's about 3/5 the width of an APD. I used to catch a ton of balls with the edge of my APD frame while whipping TS strokes or serves. Not with this genius low profile frame. The reduced width also allows for faster RHS. All in all, it plays like a faster, softer APD. Another comparison: its a upgraded version of the Head Microgel.
From:Jim, 9/6/18

Comments: It goes without saying, you don't really know how good a tennis racquet is until match play. I played 9 sets with this racquet and won all 9 sets of doubles against tennis players who are better rated than me. That's 9 for 9. This is the best tennis racquet I have ever used. And I played with a lot of top brand tennis racquets in the current market. Here's my review: Hitting with this tennis racquet was pure fun. Maneuverability is the biggest weapon this racquet has to offer. I never got pushed around with this tennis racquet on returns from powerful serves. I was able to hit with power and control on both the forehand and backhand wings. One handed forehands were absolute genius and I was able to nail my two handed backhand with ease. I was able to hit slices with this racquet that I was unable to hit with other tennis racquets. Volleys and overheads were beyond amazing(Power with placement). The serve was the biggest question mark? But, this racquet had all the answers. I was able to hit some crazy spin serves and nice topspin serves. I was able to generate my own power on flat serves that were aces and unreturned from my doubles opponents. Was able to harness the power. The teaching pro was surprised with my results winning all my sets with all different partners with this racquet. My doubles opponents are taking notice of this tennis frame and their Fancy Babolat and Head Racquets had nothing to offer against this Prince Phantom 100 in my tennis hands. I would rate this racquet on a scale of 100, a score of 99. Just because, no tennis racquet is perfect. Jimmy's comments from 7/14 were spot on about the Prince Phantom 100, "This does everything well." Had this tennis racquet strung with Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex at 48 lbs.
From:JJ, 8/4/18

Comments: I have now been using the Phantom Pro 100 for about a couple of months now and can say that this is a very control oriented frame with great flex and comfort. I have tested it with and without added weight. I prefer the added weight as it gives the frame more stability and plow through. This is not to say that the frame is not stable without the weight, it is just better with it. I added six grams at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions (3 grams on each side). This racquet gives great control on all shots, volleys, serves, smashes and ground strokes. You don't have to be an accomplished player to be able to enjoy this frame but the correct string choice is important depending on your level. I am previous top ten sectional player and a teaching pro. I personally prefer a full bed of multifilament instead of Poly's or synguts. String low and enjoy this stick. Prince is really putting out super products these days.
From:Hayward, 7/16/18

Comments: One of a kind racquet. I'm a 4.5 NTRP player with modern strokes. This frame allows me to play with my big spin so easily but also flatten the ball out or counterpunch against pace. So comfortable, huge sweet spot. It has easy access to power but at the same time is so flexy that if you swing really hard the ball will stay in and it will have wicked action on it. I can hit a casual spinny rally ball all day and then all of a sudden rip it, so versatile. I don't kick serve as well as other rackets, probably because of the flex, but flat serves are actually very easy. This does everything well and I hope they continue to make this modern classic, I'm buying!
From:Jimmy, 7/14/18

Comments: The super thin beam is one of a kind among racquets, and together with a very buttery feel makes this racquet some kind of an extreme Wilson Blade. Effectively it swings much lighter than its advertised swing weight. Like the Blade, this stick is more scalpel than shotgun, very low on power, very precise on feel, and extremely comfortable and stable to hit with. Gives me huge confidence that whatever I do or however hard I hit, I will not hit the ball out. It's not for you if you're looking for a power stick (and no amount of lead tape will change its DNA) but for what it is, there is nothing better today. I have 2, identically strung with Alu Power at 48/46 (low end of the range). Well done, Prince!
From:T, 6/30/18

Comments: I love this racquet. When the Phantom first came out, I demo'd it along with several other newer models. I liked it, but it just wasn't the "goldilocks" racquet I was looking for. I ended up going with a Pure Strike, but really was looking for something in between the two. Enter the Phantom Pro. It feels more powerful than the Phantom and more flexy than the Babolat, with the thin beam I really love. Great access to spin, also. I played my first singles match with it and felt so confident -- my groundstrokes dipping in at the baseline. Plow through seems fine, mishits did not feel wobbly at all. I am a 4.0 all court player.
From:Brian, 6/13/18

Comments: Without a vibration dampner, this is probably the worst racquet I've ever hit with. Tons of vibration and it makes an incredibly annoying sound. With a vibration dampner, it's one of the best racquets I've ever hit with. It's like hitting nothing when you get the ball in the sweet spot and the control is spot on. I'm not sure if i received a defective one, but I cannot really complain since it feels so good with a dampner. It lacks a bit if of power, but it makes up for it everywhere else. I have mine strung when Hyper-G 17 at 50 lbs.
From: Mark, 6/6/18

Comments: After playing with an extremely flexible injection molded frame from the 1980s with an 18x20 string pattern I was trying to find a larger extremely flexible frame to help with OHBH returns of serve. I guess Prince now makes large flexible frames. I heavily weigh down every racquet I have but roughly maintain stock balance, after lining the throat with lead and bringing this racquet to just over 14 oz and stringing 16g Kevlar mains and isospeed energetic 16g crosses (a deadish multi) I am close to having it where I want it for a very flat forehand and mostly slice-ish OHBH. If you are used to openish string patterns the bed will be familiar. the soft flex is can just whip this thin racket with nearly point and shoot capability. I had a some adjustment on backhand slice coming from a small head, 18g string and 18x20 pattern as this racket wanted to launch my slices higher but i was able to adjust and was also able to hit more flat backhands by virtue of the larger head of this Prince than my previous racquet. The increased taper from beam to head is barely visible but after having hit with some older thin beam solid core donnay x rackets that dont taper i did notice a bit more stability when under pressure from a heavy ball. a nice feature of this racket. this is noticble on volleys too as picking dipping shots from below the tape can be guided back with less shankiness and good accuracy and lift. All in all, a really great alternative to other 100 sqin racquets offering stiffness and power as you can really swing flatly through with this racquet or turn on the spin with the 16x18 pattern.
From:Scott, 6/6/18

Comments: Just one comment. This baby is one of a kind among all racquets in production today. It defies definition. If on one side of the spectrum you have the stiff, powerful rackets that many manufacturers come up with today, this is Prince's attempt to make the exact opposite. Think Wilson Blade taken to its extreme conclusion and you have some idea ofhow this racquet plays. The super thin frame means that it may weigh over 300g but it feels about as heavy as the 280g Babolat Pure Drive 107 that I was previously using. Yes, the power level is super low as a result but if you can generate your own, you can slug as hard as you like from the baseline and won't hit many shots out. Spin is easy and you can do those high arching shots that land deep with a good degree of confidence and reliability. On volleys and touch shots, this feels like a Wilson PS85 with an extra 15 square inches. Scapel-like. My PD107 is a serve monster so this is one area I missed with the Phantom Pro 100. Easy to generate pace and whip, but yes I did miss the free power. I've been playing for ages and miss the classic sticks like the smaller Pro Staffs. This is a throwback to that era, in a significantly more user-friendly package. If you long for those old classics, do yourself a favor and check this guy out. Finally, huge praise to Prince. They have fallen off the radar in recent years in terms of mindshare, but I now realize that they do make excellent rackets like the bigger players in the industry.
From:D, 5/ 19/18

Comments: I'm a 4.5 all court player. I was completely wowed after a demo and bought two of these. TW did a nice job of finding a weight/balance matched pair. Coming down from the Yonex VCore Pro 97, the added maneuverability and reduced stiffness have provided a big boost to my baseline and transition play. Though serves don't feel quite as fast, they are just as effective against multiple opponents. The sweet spot is so soft and pronounced, that the racquet just eggs you on to swing out and hit full, clean shots. This is a very arm friendly stick. I like natural gut, but had to hybridize with Luxilon M2 Pro to get the ball to dip as desired on hard shots. It took a few weeks to fully adjust to the Prince grip shape, but it was worth it. Quite a unique package!
From:Kyle, 5/11/18

Comments: If they'd gone with a smaller head size, like 97-98, this would've been a fantastic racquet; in its current form the strings feel a bit too open and the head feels a bit slow during serve.
From:Boris, 2/2/18

Comments: I demoed this frame alongside the Pro 100P and the Beast and I demoed the port version Phantom a few weeks ago but didn't care for the muted feel and ultra low RA. The Pro 100 felt even more flexible than the port version but not as muted so I preferred the feel of the non-port version. However like the Phantom I found it to be underpowered and unstable. The stablility could be helped by adding weight, 5-10 grams I'd say between hoop and handle but I just didn't gel with the flex and extremely low power. I preferred the Pro 100p to this Pro 100 as it was a bit crisper, more powerful and more stable but still offered the great topspin.
From:Chris, 1/20/17

Comments: I am a 5.0+ all court player. I demoed the 100 strung with a poly at 55 lbs. The first thing I noticed about the racquet was its maneuverability. It felt quick at the net (best volleying racquet I've used in the last 15 years) and I was able to prepare in plenty of time during baseline rallies, whip through short-angle shots, and perfectly place top spin lobs. It has a wonderfully soft feel and pockets the ball very well. It feels great to hit the ball with this racquet and when you hit the sweet spot, it sounds impressive and you get plenty of spin. If I were ten years younger and able to withstand 15+ strokes rally after rally, I would buy this racquet. But I just couldn't generate enough power to consistently hit winners from the baseline and aces on serves to compete at the open level without significant modifications to the frame. Because this racquet feels and sounds so good, I am going to rest a day or two and give it another try.
From:Marcus, 1/10/18

Comments: This is a wonderful racquet. I demoed both the 100 and 100P and after a lot of experimenting with string and tension the 100 absolutely dazzled me. I'm a teaching pro and play a lot of tennis. My hand and wrist can be troublesome from time to time so I was intrigued by the 54 flex, the super thin beam and the 16x18 string bed. I wound up stringing at 48/46 with NXT Control in the mains and MSV Co-Focus 1.18 (nice soft co-poly) in the crosses. During a number of hitting sessions with strong players I felt no pain in my hand and was really impressed by the maneuverability and responsiveness of this racquet. MY most recent racquets have been the Wilson RF Pro Staff Autograph and the Yonex Duel G 97, both 12 oz plus. I added no weight to the Phantom Pro 100 and had no drop off in power and really enjoyed the swing weight. Serves, volleys and groundstrokes were all solid so at least for now I won't add weight. Love the plush feel at contact. So yeah this is a cool racquet. I highly recommend giving it a try.
From:Scott, 1/8/18

Comments: I am a 4.5 baseline player. It's a great racquet. Very good on arm and wrist. I was getting great serves and pretty spot on. I strung the racquet at 48 lbs to get more power. Helped a lot as I was able to hit deep with no problem at all. The feel is awesome. Over a great racquet for aggressive baseline player looking for arm friendly racquet. I think this is the best racquet for someone looking for a arm friendly racquet.
From:Suresh, 12/16/17

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